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Troubleshooting: How do I submit my feed?

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How do I submit my feed?


In Godatafeed you can submit your feed in two ways via Pull / Fetch URL or via FTP/SFTP.



If you navigate to Feeds > mceclip1.png, you'll be able to preview a summary of how your current feeds in Godatafeed are submitting. You can see if the feed has been Pulled/Submitted or if the feed has been submitted via FTP/SFTP. If your feed says "Missing Submission Settings" then you may need to configure these details within the feed settings. 


Pull / Fetch URL: To do this you need to go to your feed and then select the "Settings" tab (as shown in the image below). On this page, you'll see that there is an option for "Feed Pull" which generates a link that will be used by the channel (Google, Facebook, Bing, ...) to 'fetch' the data from GoDataFeed on a scheduled basis.


In addition to this you will find in more detail: 


  1. The date on which the last request was made by the channel and GoDataFeed data.
  2. The link generated and used by the channel
  3. Tool buttons to automatically copy the link, generate it in a new window, IP settings and generate a new URL.


Via FTP/SFTP: The second option to submit your feed to the channel is via FTP/SFTP. It is necessary to enter the credentials provided by the channel (Google, Facebook, Bing,...) to establish the connection with the data supplied by GoDataFeed and set a schedule in order to automate the process.

  1. Parameters: These fields are required to establish the connection and must be provided by the channel to submit the feed.
  2. Schedule: Determines the time at which the feed will be submitted. This can be set by the client.


Please feel free to search our help center for a specific channel for the steps on how to set up a specific feed submission destination.

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