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Import: WiX - Importing products from WiX

Sarah Bacchus
Sarah Bacchus
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Our integration provides seamless product imports, allowing you to manage your product data on WiX while our system automatically retrieves the latest changes on a daily basis. The following steps will help you connect your WiX store with GoDataFeed:

Step 1: Install the appropriate GoDataFeed app within the Wix App Marketplace. 
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Facebook Shops by GoDataFeed - Allows you to syndicate your catalog of products to Facebook Shops and enable Order Sync to syndicate orders from Meta Shops and your selected Shopping cart platforms. 

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Product Feeds by GoDataFeed - Allows you to sync your platform of products to multiple channel platforms such as Google, Microsoft, Amazon, eBay or Walmart. 

If there are any import settings on your store already, then this process will override any primary source settings. 

Step 2: In WiX, confirm the permissions listed and click either "Agree & Add" for the Facebook Shops app, or "Add to Site" for the Product Feeds app. 

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Step 3: Enable additional import options (optional)

Once connected, our system starts importing products. But, we're not done yet. There are additional options that allow you to handle the imported product data differently. Please review them and enable those options that will import your product data in the way you desire.

  • Include variants: Enable to import products that are variant children. Note: The Facebook Shops app will default enable this option to bring in all variants.
  • Include hidden products: Enable to import products that are marked as hidden in WiX
  • Retain ASCII: Enable this if you would like to retain ASCII-encoded characters like trademarks.

Step 4: Review allotment and schedule (optional)

By default, we set your allotment to your subscription included maximum, like 1,000 for Lite. You may increase your product allotment, or the maximum number of SKUs to be imported, for a nominal fee per thousand additional SKUs.

By default, we set the daily import to some time overnight according to North American time zones. At the scheduled time, we first import your product data, then we compile the feed and submit it to the channel. You may update the import schedule as desired.

🎉 All done! You can now add a feed template to get your products everywhere.

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