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OrderSync: Create Orders API

GoDataFeed Technical Team
GoDataFeed Technical Team
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Godatafeed now allows users to create a single order via the API. This enables users to create orders via API so that you can insert orders that have not synced or that may come from other sources. You can also use this functionality to create test orders in our system.


1. Add Marketplace Sources: 

1.1 Navigate to our Orders section





1.2 Add a Marketplace source such as Amazon:




1.3 Add a shipping method:



2. Test the endpoint using Postman

2.1 Look at our example request: POST Create a Single Order 

Make sure to not add in spaces for the ShippingMethod:

Example: MFN Standard must be written as “MFNStandard”



2.2 The shipping method values must come from the shipping method that was

created in step 1.3.


2.3 If the steps above were followed the response should return a status code of 200




3. View orders in the UI

The orders are now added but to make them visible in the UI there needs to be an active Store Destination:



For testing purposes, the GoDataFeedAPI can be used as a destination.



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