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Import: Squarespace - Import products from Squarespace

Sarah Bacchus
Sarah Bacchus
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Our app integration provides seamless product imports allowing you to manage your product data on Squarespace while we automatically retrieve the latest changes on a daily basis.


Connect GoDataFeed extension for Squarespace

Follow these steps to start importing products.

  1. Connect from GoDataFeed Import Sources page or go to the Squarespace extensions listing for GoDataFeed
  2. Follow the steps until complete
    1. Have an existing GoDataFeed account? Sign in and select the GoDataFeed store you want to connect to Squarespace
    2. Don't have an existing account? Complete the signup form to start your trial
  3. Upon completion, we will begin importing your products from Squarespace
As of September 2019, Squarespace API does NOT make these product data values available for us to import:
  • Categories
  • Additional info
  • SEO Title and SEO Description
  • Information for products that are not physical goods, e.g. services, gift cards, or digital products
  • Categories used by a Store Page to group products


Troubleshooting Squarespace

Here are common scenarios in which you may need to fix the connection: 

"The import integration for your store needs to be reconnected"

If your connection becomes invalid, then you will need to reconnect the extension.

  1. Reconnect from the GoDataFeed Product Sources page or go to the Squarespace extensions listing for GoDataFeed
  2. Follow the steps until complete
  3. Upon completion, we will begin importing your products from Squarespace


"The server returned a 401 "Unauthorized" error."

If you receive an import failure notification with the below error message, follow the troubleshooting steps in this article. 

Error message: "The server returned a 401 "Unauthorized" error. Please make sure the directory you are trying to reach is accessible and has valid permissions configured for data transfer, then try again."

This means either your keys have expired or our access to your Squarespace store was revoked. You should reconnect the extension.

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