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FAQ: Billing - Why is my account suspended?

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Question: Why is my account suspended?


Your account could be suspended for a few different reasons. Typically if your account is suspended it is due to non-payment of an invoice past your due date. Our system charges the card on file on the invoice due date. If the card on file is invalid then our system will email with a declined reason (eg. insufficient funds). Our system will try to charge the card on file the next day, 3rd try will be 3 days after the due date, and the 4th and final attempt is made 5 days after the original due date. On the 7th day, your account may be suspended/ deactivated due to non-payment. 

To unsuspended the account you will need to add a valid payment method on file and you may need to make a payment to any outstanding invoices. 

You can do this by navigating by your dashboard to Account > Billing settings > + button and then Enter the card details on the right to save a new payment method. Alternatively, you can click into an existing payment method and update the card on file to a new card if needed. For security purposes, our system credit card information once you select save. 


Once a new card has been saved on file you can then navigate on the left to Invoices and then at the top to Posted. If you have any existing overdue invoices you can then click Make a Payment on the overdue invoice to confirm paying any overdue balances. 


Payment method.gif


Once your account has been reactivated you may want to review that your import schedule is enabled and that your feeds are actively submitting to the channel. 


Contact our support team for further assistance with this issue. Be sure to provide any affected sku's or screenshots of where you are encountering an issue.

Open a support ticket


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