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How do I change who receives billing related emails and invoices?

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Only account owners can access the Account page in the app

Update email recipients of your invoices and other billing updates

By default, the email provided at signup will receive billing emails including invoices. To update who receives these emails, follow these steps:

  1. Go to Account > Billing Settings
  2. Refer to the Email address(es) box
  3. Enter the email addresses you wish to be contacted with invoices and payment notifications
  4. Use a semicolon to separate each email address
    • Note: This does not grant the user access to view the invoices via the dashboard, but will send the invoices directly to the emails listed.

Find your invoices in the app

You can find your invoices at or navigate to

Account > Invoices within your account.


Types of invoices 

Projected invoices are the current running total of one-time transactions, prorated activations, or recurring subscriptions which will be billed on the next billing date. On your billing date, this invoice will be posted and payment will be collected automatically on your default credit card.

Posted invoices are the current and historical list of all invoices for your account. These can have a status of Paid or Outstanding.

Archived invoices are the historical list of legacy invoices from our previous billing system. Only accounts that have legacy invoices will see this tab.


Download your invoices 

Download the .pdf for any invoice from the Invoices page by clicking the 3-dot menu and download.

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