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Order Sync Source: Meta (Facebook) source settings

Yesenia DeSalle
Yesenia DeSalle
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This article includes the instructions to follow in order to sync orders placed in Meta Shops back to your Store.

Terms to know

Order Source is the source of order data that gets inserted into the GoDataFeed database.

Store Destination is where we sync the orders in our system to via integration or via the GoDataFeed API.

GoDataFeed API Order Destination is where users can build their own integration using currently available endpoints.

How the Order Sync cycle works

Once orders are successfully synced between Meta and your store, you will only need to fulfill orders in your store -- and once the order status is updated in your Store -- our system will get and update the order status in Meta, following this process:


How to set up Order Sync for Meta orders

Click through the 3 tabs below, follow the set of instructions in each tab to successfully set up Order Sync:

    1. Go to or click 'Orders' in the top navigation bar
    2. Click "Activate Order Sources"
    3. Select 'Meta'
    4. Click on the newly created Meta Order Source
      click on meta.png

    5. Click the "Connect" button to connect your Meta account to GoDataFeed
    6. A new page will open and ask you to authorize GoDataFeed to access your Meta Business Extension > click "Connect MBE"

    7. You will be redirected to Meta to log in with your Meta credentials
    8. Select which Commerce account you need to allow GoDataFeed to access for Orders


    9. A set of permissions can be toggled, allowing the user to access certain data sets in Meta - note: toggling off any permission may interrupt the successful connection with GoDataFeed


    10. After completing the MBE connection you will be redirected back to GoDataFeed and the access token will be auto-populated
    1. Setup an order destination from our available selection > follow the steps in the corresponding article linked in the card on the right side of the screen for your store destination to complete the set up


    2. Setup at least one Shipping Method as it is required for order sync


    1. Toggle Order sync 'ON' to start syncing your orders


    2. Now when clicking the 'Orders' tab you will see your Orders dashboard:


Contact our Support team if you need assistance with order sync

Open a support ticket

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