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Importing HTML in an XML file using <noscrub> tags

Sarah B
Sarah B
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By default, when you uncheck the Data Scrub checkbox on Products > Mapping the system will not use our scrubbing logic for flat files like txt and csv, as well as, the json product data we get from platform APIs like Shopify.

In order to import unscrubbed data in xml files, we additionally require <noscrub> tags because xml encoding and other things may interfere with our scrubbing logic.

To import data un-scrubbed in XML elements (like HTML), wrap your data in <noscrub></noscrub> tags. Additionally, you may want to also do the following:

  • On the Products > Mapping page, uncheck the Data Srub checkbox
  • Wrap XML data in ![CDATA[
  • Wrap XML data in <noscrub></noscrub>


XML looks like this:

<![CDATA[<noscrub><ul><li>Includes cable and mount.</li><li>For Models X, Y, Z and A only.</li><li>Please included serial number when placing your order.</li></ul></noscrub>]]>

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