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Import: Merge files - Importing products from HTTP using Google Sheets

Sarah Bacchus
Sarah Bacchus
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This article will help you use Google sheets to import data as either the primary source or as merge files.

Primary Source: Importing product data from Google Sheets

To import data from Google Sheets, you will need to first publish the data to a .csv file. Then, you will copy & paste the URL into your import settings in your GoDataFeed account.

  1. Open google sheet > Blank > File > Open
  2. Open file from "My Drive" or "Upload"
  3. Proceed if you are ready to publish your data googlesheets6.png
  4. File > Publish to the web
  5. In the "Publish to the web" modal, select "Entire document" and "Comma-separated values (.csv)"
  6. Optionally, you can check the "Automatically republish when changes are made" option under Published content & settings. This means any changes you make will be published and available to our system on import.
  7. Copy the URL.You should see "?output=csv" on the end of the URL. googlesheets5.PNG
  8. In GoDataFeed, go to Products > Primary Source
  9. Choose the Import Source: HTTP 
  10. Select File Format: Comma-delimited (.csv)
  11. Copy & paste the URL from Google Sheets into the 
  12. Save

 See also: Merge File method: HTTP using Google Sheets

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