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FAQ's: Process Logs and Alerts

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Sarah B
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There are a few different ways users can view alerts within GoDataFeed and review their process logs. 

Process Logs

Process Logs are a way users can see any type of process failure or success. These logs are grouped by store and hour for the last 7 days and are grouped by the following type: Import processor, Feed processor, Order Sync Processor, API, FeedPull.  


User needs to generate a new token for this application

This warning prompts users to check the type of process and re-generate tokens to ensure a successful connection.



We have added an alert feature that Auto opens the Alert History modal on the customer's store once a day when an alert is found. Clicking the Dismiss All button acknowledges the alert and dismisses the modal and banner. 

Contact our support team for further assistance with this issue. Be sure to provide any affected sku's or screenshots of where you are encountering an issue.

Open a support ticket


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