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FAQ: Feed - Why is my feed submission failing?

Weimar Sabas
Weimar Sabas
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Question: Why is my feed submission failing?


The feed submission could fail for a few different reasons

  • Empty Host address, Port Number, User name, or Password
  • Incorrect or incomplete Host address, Port Number, User name, or Password
  • Blocked IP's 

To resolve empty or incorrect details we suggest reviewing the Host address, Port Number, User name, or Password entered within GoDataFeed to ensure that they are updated and without any errors. 


For blocked IP's see the following help article with our IP addresses you can whitelist before trying again: GoDataFeed server IP addresses or if you are utilizing Cloudflare you may need to make additional updates Cloudflare: Origin Error, client proxy server rejects GoDataFeed API calls.


If you are still experiencing an error we suggest using a free FTP software like Filezilla to access the FTP using the same credentials to see the issue you are experiencing Oftentimes times the errors you see when trying to access the file are the same errors our system will see. 


Within your feed template settings, you can save these parameters and enable the feed submission schedule once ready. You can then trigger a feed submission when ready to submit your feed to the channel. 



Contact our support team for further assistance with this issue. Be sure to provide any affected sku's or screenshots of where you are encountering an issue.

Open a support ticket


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