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FAQ: Import Settings - Bring Special Characters into the Import

Juan Montoya
Juan Montoya
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Question: Godatafeed isn't bringing in special characters into the import. How can I correct this? 


In GoDataFeed our platform brings in your data as it is created however we do enable a data scrub feature on the product attributes we bring in to remove any incomplete values or code. However, you may be used to using these values to submit to the channel. 

There are two ways we can correct this issue: 

  • Enable the UTF and retain ASCII encoding types so that the import is updated as expected.

    How to apply the Fix: Navigate to Import > Primary Source > enable Retain Ascii and enter your preferred encoding type (e.g UTF-8).


  • Update the Source Field List to bring in the field without data scrub enabled.
    How to fix: Navigate to the Import Mapping section and rename a field you may not be using. You will need to name this field something that is not already in use such as Title2. 

Once these changes are applied you will need to trigger a new import once the import is complete you can then download the feed or view your catalog in app to see the changes reflected. 


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