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Billing Overview

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Only account owners can access the Account page in the app.

In this section, you will see your account status, billing status, primary billing contact info, any balance amounts, and the ability to deactivate your account.

To access and update billing information, log into your account and click Billing Settings from the top navigation menu. The billing section is broken out into three sections:


Use this section to review the recurring charges on your account subscriptions. Each store on your account has its own subscription. You can change plans but will need to go to the Stores page to deactivate your stores; go to the Feeds page to deactivate your feeds; and so on.


In this section, you will find your projected, posted, and any archived legacy invoices. You can download the invoices for your reference. See related: Find and download your invoices.

Billing settings

Here, you can update your billing information including name, address, payment method, and the email address(es) to receive the invoices. Check out our accepted payment methods here.

Note: For any billing inquiries, please submit a request under the topic "Billing".

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