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GoDataFeed Order Sync: Customizing Shipping Methods

Sarah Bacchus
Sarah Bacchus
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Welcome to the Shipping Methods Customization feature within GoDataFeed Feed Order Sync. With this tool, you can tailor how shipping options appear for various shipping services. This ensures customers have clear choices during ordering, reflecting accurately on their order details in your store. For those using the GoDataFeed API, this documentation explains how shipping is labeled for new orders.


Shipping Method: Define your offered shipping options, matching customer choices.

Shipping Carrier: Maintain a consistent name for shipping updates, including tracking numbers.

Name: Generally, maintain the same value as the shipping method for consistency.

Value: This term is used to represent shipping in the order details and when retrieving order information. Most platforms allow flexibility in choosing a suitable term. For Volusion, it is essential to use the Shipping Option code.


Please note that the examples provided are just a few instances, and this customization feature is not restricted to Meta, eBay, or Amazon. You can adapt these instructions to various platforms according to your requirements.

Example for Meta:

  • Default shipping carrier: UPS

  • Store shipping method name: Rush Shipping

  • Store shipping method value: Rush Shipping

Example for eBay:

  • Default shipping carrier: USPS

  • Store shipping method name: USPSGround

  • Store shipping method value: USPSGround

Example for Amazon:

  • Default shipping carrier: USPS
  • Store shipping method name: MFN Two-Day
  • Store shipping method value: MFN Two-Day

By utilizing the GoDataFeed Feed Order Sync shipping methods feature, you can ensure an accurate representation of shipping options for different platforms, enhancing the customer experience and providing transparent order details.

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