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Creating a follow-up for a closed ticket

Sarah Bacchus
Sarah Bacchus
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Once a ticket is set to "Solved" for 7 days, it becomes closed for new comments and cannot be altered or reopened. However, you can create a follow-up request. This creates a new ticket that references the closed ticket and pulls data from the original ticket into the new ticket. 


To create a follow-up request for a closed ticket

  1. Go to your solved requests and locate the closed ticket
  2. Find and Click Create follow-up
  3. A new ticket is created with the same options as the original ticket
  4. Update the ticket data as needed and then click Submit to save the new ticket
    • Note: The support team will receive a notification from your new ticket which will be linked to the previous ticket as a follow-up


To create a completely new ticket

  1. Go to the Submit a Request page and complete the form
    • Note: This will not link to any previous ticket

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