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Creating a follow-up for a closed ticket

Sarah Bacchus
Sarah Bacchus
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Once a ticket is solved for 7 days it becomes closed for new comments and it cannot be altered or reopened. However, you can create a follow-up request. This creates a new ticket that references the closed ticket and pulls data from the original ticket into the new ticket. Comments not pulled from the original ticket.

To create a follow-up for a closed ticket

  1. Go to your solved requests and locate the closed ticket
  2. Find and Click Create follow-up
  3. A new ticket is created with the same options as the original ticket
  4. Update the ticket data as needed and then click Submit to save the new ticket
  5. The support team will receive a notification from your new ticket and it is linked to the previous ticket as a follow-up

To create a completely new ticket

  1. Go to the Submit a Request form
  2. This will not link to any previous ticket

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