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Import: Lightspeed eCom - Importing products from Lightspeed eCom

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Our integration provides seamless product imports allowing you to manage your product data on Lightspeed eCom while we automatically retrieve the latest changes on a daily basis.

NOTE: To use the Lightspeed eCom API, and thus GoDataFeed, you must have an Advanced or Professional subscription with Lightspeed.


Create Lightspeed eCom API access for GoDataFeed

The following steps can also be found in Lightspeed support documentation:

Creating API keys – Lightspeed eCommerce (


Step 1 From your Lightspeed eCom admin, go to Settings > Store Settings > Developers

Note, if you do not see the option for Developers, then you are not on an Advanced or Professional subscription with Lightspeed. Please upgrade in order to use our app via their API.



Step 2  Click "New API key" 



Step 3  Enter "GoDataFeed" as the name for the API key and click Save



Step 4  Under SETTINGS, click the switch to enable the API key


Step 5  Set permissions to Products > Read, and click Save



Step 6  In GoDataFeed, select Lightspeed eCom as your primary import source

  1. In GoDataFeed, go to Products > Primary Source
  2. Copy the API key and secret from Lightspeed into the form in GDF
  3. Optional: enable any other import settings
  4. Click Save
  5. Run the import now to get your products

🎉 You have now successfully imported your products from Lightspeed eCom. Our system will import your products daily according to the import schedule you set in GDF.

Next, request a feed setup or add a feed and get started.

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