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Order Sync: Walmart source settings

Sarah Bacchus
Sarah Bacchus
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Easily manage orders from multiple marketplaces in one place. GoOrderSync allows you to update a marketplace order's status, shipping details, tracking information and cancellations. Marketplace order information may be either synced directly with your supported shopping cart platform (see below) or via the GoDataFeed API.

Walmart.svg How to set up Order Sync for Walmart Marketplace

This article will help you set up your Walmart marketplace to sync with orders your store. You must have an active Walmart Seller account with admin access to complete these steps. Here are the two methods of connecting to Walmart via the Walmart marketplace API:


To sync orders from Walmart US (United States) for you will need API keys.

Note, you may have already done this if you are using GoDataFeed for product listings or inventory, in which case you may copy and paste the keys from your feed settings to your order source settings and skip to "Walmart Order Source Settings" below.


Production Keys for Solution Providers (Delegated Access)

If you have not delegated access to GoDataFeed in your Walmart account before then follow these steps.

  1. Go to Walmart's developer portal or navigate to to API section of the settings menu in the seller portal
  2. If you are not logged in, Select your marketplace > Log in with an Admin user account to get to rtaImage.jpeg
  3. Find the section "Production Keys for Solution Providers (Delegated Access)" on the API Keys Management page, ignore the section that provides you with your personal API keys walmart-api-ignore-personal-keys.png
  4. Select  "GoDataFeed" from the drop-down and confirm walmart-solution-provider-dropdown-menu.png
  5. Grant GoDataFeed access as pictured from No Access to View Only for Feeds and Full Access for all Item Mgmt and Order Mgmt endpoints - we do not require access to Admin Reports 
    1. Get Feeds: View Only
      Content: Full Access
      Items: Full Access
      Inventory: Full Access
      Price: Full Access
      Lag Time: Full Access
      Order: Full Access
      Returns: Full Access
      Reports: View Only

  6. Click "API Key" next to GoDataFeed to see the keys walmart-api-keys-for-providers.png
  7. Copy & Paste the Client ID and Client Secret which you will add into your GoDataFeed account covered below walmart-api-keys-copy.png
  8. Save the Client ID and Client Secret to your GoDataFeed feed settings or your order sync settings
  9. Now, you are ready to submit feeds or sync orders with Walmart.

Walmart Order Source Settings

  1. Optional:
    • Get Acknowledged Orders - Enable to have GoOrderSync to pull Orders that are in Acknowledged Status along with Released Orders
    • Send Walmart Customer Email - Enable to have the customer email address in the order details. Leave disabled if you would like GoDataFeed to mask the email address with "".
  2. Required:
    • Configure the Shipping Methods Table - Set the shipping methods for each Walmart shipping service you offer to customers, which will appear on the order details in your store when GoDataFeed creates the order in your store's platform. If you are using the GoDataFeed API, then this will be the value provided for shipping method when you call for New orders.
      • Shipping Method: These are the Walmart Shipping Services you may offer to customers.
      • Shipping Carrier: Set a static value to be used when GoDataFeed updates Walmart with the tracking number from your store.
      • Name: Typically, you should make Name be the same as the Value.
      • Value: This is the value of the shipping method that will appear in your store order details (this will be 'shipping method' in the GET orders API call). Most platforms allow you to use any value, but Volusion merchants must use the Shipping Option code.

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