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Godatafeed Custom Import Integrations

Sarah Bacchus
Sarah Bacchus
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With GoDataFeed's generic data processing and feed tools, nearly any merchant, storefront, or provider can build custom solutions to integrate with our software. Our custom import or feed solutions can provide much-needed support for enterprise integrations.


We support generic XML, JSON, and CSV file formats and data ingestions via FTP, HTTP, and Manual Upload. Every GoDataFeed Store receives its own FTP credentials so that data exporting software can upload large data files to our servers. We also support merging data files so that custom data exports can deliver multiple files to GoDataFeed.  Our import scheduling allows custom integrations to configure the frequency of processing the provided data files and transform them to meet the requirements of most shopping and advertising channels. We also offer custom data feeds for merchants who require a truly one-of-a-kind solution and need our software for automated data ingestion and transformation.


Our import process updates as shown in the below chart: 


  1. Process starts by manually triggering import in the app or on a set hourly schedule
  2. Primary source data is downloaded
  3. (Optionally) Merge files are downloaded
  4. Data is parsed into a table according to the field mappings
  5. (Optionally) Filter rules are applied to exclude and remove specific rows
  6. Allotment is applied and rows above the maximum allowed count are removed
  7. Finally, we import the data into our internal database, your product catalog


For more information, you can review the following article on how you can Import your Catalog which provides some additional specifics to the different methods available.


See the following help articles which may assist you further: 

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