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Order Sync: eBay source settings

Sarah Bacchus
Sarah Bacchus
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Easily manage orders from multiple marketplaces in one place. GoOrderSync allows you to update a marketplace order's status, shipping details, tracking information and cancellations. Marketplace order information may be either synced directly with your supported shopping cart platform (see below) or via the GoDataFeed API. 

Ebay.svg  How to set up Order Sync for eBay Marketplace 

This article will help you set up your eBay marketplace to sync with orders your store. 

  1. Go to Orders > Settings
  2. Click the plus button add_button.PNG and add eBay as a marketplace
  3. If you have an active eBay feed, then the 'EbayAuthToken' should be auto-populated and you may skip to step 9. If 'EbayAuthToken' is blank, then continue following the steps below.
  4. Click "Connect eBay"
    • Sign in to your eBay account in the new window
    • Click "I agree" (You may now close the consent form browser window.)
  5. Back in GoDataFeed, click "Get Token" (your eBay token will now populate the 'EbayAuthToken' text box.)
  6. Select Send eBay Customer Email if you want to have the customer email address in the order details. Leave disabled if you would like GoDataFeed to mask the email address with ""
  7. Select Use Destination Carrier if you would like GoDataFeed to use the Carrier value that you applied. Currently, this is only supported by GoDataFeed API users and the following platform integrations: Magento and Shopify. Otherwise, the carrier value selected below will be used. 
  8. Configure the Shipping Methods Table: Set the shipping methods for each eBay shipping service you offer to customers, which will appear on the order details in your store when GoDataFeed creates the order in your store's platform. If you are using the GoDataFeed API, then this will be the value provided for shipping method when you call for New orders.
    • Click "Add" if you don't see the shipping service you offer in the default list
      • Check the checkbox for the services you want to add to the shipping methods table
      • Click Save
    • Shipping Method: These are the eBay Shipping Services you offer to customers.
    • Shipping Carrier: Set a static value to be used when GoDataFeed updates eBay with the tracking number from your store.
    • Name: Typically, you should make "Name" the same as the "Value".
    • Value: This is the value of the shipping method that will appear in your store order details. Most platforms allow you to use any value, but Volusion merchants must use the Shipping Option code.


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