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Import: Shopify - Import products from Shopify

Sarah Bacchus
Sarah Bacchus
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Our integration provides seamless automated product imports allowing you to manage your product data on Shopify while we automatically retrieve the latest changes on a daily basis.

Installing our app from the Shopify app store is the quickest and simplest way to connect GoDataFeed with your Shopify store. If you start your trial using this app install method, then your GoDataFeed app billing will be processed through your Shopify billing.

Otherwise, use an existing account or sign up directly at

NOTE: Please make sure no other GoDataFeed stores/accounts have the Primary Source populated with the same Shopify Base URL being used for your integration as this will cause the process to fail. 

Step 1 Add our app from the Shopify app store

Only the store owner or authorized partner can install apps in Shopify. If you are an agency, then we recommend that you request collaborator access to the client's Shopify store to install our app and connect it to an agency GDF account. Learn more here: How do we install GoDataFeed's Shopify app from a client's store into my Agency account in GDF? – GoDataFeed Help Center


Step 2 Either start a new trial or login to your existing account

If there is more than 1 store on the account, select the store to where you are installing the GoDataFeed App

Step 3 Product import will queue up automatically

Visit Products to review your catalog.
Next: Add a feed template or request a feed setup by our team

Step 4  (Optional) If you want to import Metafields, collections or unpublished products, check the boxes need, then click "Save" & "Import" to trigger a new import

Troubleshooting App Re-Install

If you are having issues re-installing the app after you have uninstalled, it might be possible for your Shopify base url to remain in your GoDataFeed Store import settings.

Note: our system only allows one store per Shopify base url.

Simply login to GoDataFeed and change the value so that GoDataFeed will allow you to re-install the app in Shopify.


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