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Integration: Wix + Facebook and Instagram Shops + Meta orders

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GoDataFeed has created a seamless integration between Wix users and Meta Shops, providing businesses with a hassle-free way to connect their product data via the Facebook and Instagram Shops feed, and manage Meta orders through our order sync platform. This comprehensive solution provides sellers the opportunity to expand their market footprint into Meta's highly profitable sales channel.

If you haven't already, your first step is to add our Facebook Shops by GoDataFeed app from the Wix App Market by clicking "Add to Site". Select your preferred plan type, and follow the steps shown to sign up for GoDataFeed.

Watch our explainer video that walks you through the process of connecting to Facebook Shops, submitting your feed, and syncing orders. You can also follow the detailed steps below in order to successfully set up your product feed and sync orders within our platform.

store-solid.svg Complete the Account Setup on your Dashboard page

When you sign into GoDataFeed, you will land on the Dashboard page where you will walk through the Account Setup steps outlined below.

The next step you need to complete will have an actionable button next to it. 

  • Upon adding our app and signing up for a GoDataFeed Account, the import of your product catalog from Wix was automatically triggered, and your Wix store was connected to GoDataFeed.

    You will see the status of the Wix import and the Wix connect on the Dashboard. A completed import and connection are indicated by a green check: 

    2023-11-20 10_28_45-Window.png2023-11-20 10_36_40-Window.png

    We recommend you review your imported Wix catalog to ensure all of your products have imported successfully and are coming in as expected, and to determine if additional import settings need to be configured. 

    How to review and download your imported catalog data:

    1. Click on the hyperlinked 'Complete' status (highlighted in the screen above) or navigate to the 'Import' tab > 'Catalog' > you can browse your products on this page in our App, but we recommend you download the import.csv. To do so click the "Download" button in the left-side menu highlighted here:

      Download wix catalog.png
    2. Open the zipped .csv file in your favorite spreadsheet application
    3. The top row of your downloaded Import file displays your product data fields (i.e. - the data points available to map into your feeds) --  browse through the file to view your available data our system is importing from your product catalog as you have it set up in Wix

      data field.png

    4. The top row of your downloaded Import file displays your product data fields (i.e. - the data points available to map into your feeds) and you can browse through the file to view available data for these fields.

    If your import fails:

    Navigate to the 'Import' tab > select 'Primary Source' to review the credentials. Trigger a new import after making changes by clicking the 'Import' button. The integration may need to be re-installed if the import continues to fail.

  • Click the "Connect" button on the 'Connect to Facebook Shops' step on your Dashboard's Account Setup card to authorize GoDataFeed to access your Facebook Shops account via the Meta Business Extension (MBE). If you do not have an existing Facebook Shop you will create one here. 

    2023-11-29 15_37_52-Mouse Highlight Overlay.png

    Walk through the steps on-screen and you will receive confirmation upon completion.

    FBE 19.png

    You will only need to connect to the Meta Business Extension once. We recommend connecting here from the Dashboard page at the beginning of your set up.

  • The Facebook and Instagram Shops feed has been already added to your Feeds. When the import of your products from Wix is completed, the feed will auto-compile and our system will auto-map some of your Wix product data fields into the feed template.

    Walk through the steps outlined in the next section to set up, optimize, and submit the feed. 
  • Connect Meta as your marketplace source for orders so GoDataFeed can sync orders placed in your Meta Shop to your Wix Store. Follow the step-by-step instructions in the 'Set up Order Sync' section below.

meta - blue.png Review and submit your Facebook and Instagram Shops feed 

Once your import has been set up successfully, the Facebook and Instagram Shops feed is automatically added to your Account, and will auto-compile and map in some of your key product data fields into the feed template.

In order to submit your feed, review feed mappings and validation messages, and ensure your Meta Business Extension (MBE) is connected. Expand each step below and follow the instructions:

  • What is feed mapping?

    Feed mapping is the process of inputting your imported product catalog data points (found in the top row of your downloaded import file show in the 'Review your imported Wix catalog' section above) into the feed template's data points so that you are submitting the correct product data -- in the correct format -- to Meta.

    How to review, add, or adjust feed mappings:

      1. In your Facebook and Instagram Shops feed > click 'Mapping' in the left-side menu. 


      2. Our system has automatically mapped some fields for you. So by default, fields like Sku, Price, URL, ImageURL, Brand, Description and Title feed fields, may already be populated in the Mappings column.

        You can add, adjust, or remove these default field mappings at any time.

        You can sort Mappings by category. We highly recommend sorting by 'Required' fields first, before moving on to map additional feed fields.

        example mappings.png

      3. The 'Mappings' column on the right side of the screen is where you click into any Mapping field and 1) Select the product ([P]) value from the dropdown menu of your available product data fields that contains the corresponding product information for the feed field, or 2) enter in a static value that will apply to all products.

        For example, you will select your [P].[description] product field to map the descriptions of your products into the 'description' feed field like this:

        mapping fields.png

        Or you can enter a static value that will apply to ALL products. For example, for the 'condition' feed field you can enter 'New' to submit the condition of all your products as 'New'.

        Remember, to confirm what [P] product fields we are receiving from Wix, and to confirm you have available data in those product fields, you will download your import product catalog file.csv to assist you in accurately mapping your product data into your feed. The steps to do this are outlined in the previous section.

      4. Click the blue "Save" button whenever you add, remove, or change any Mappings.


  • If you have made changes to your feed mappings, or optionally set up filters, assigned categories and created rules, you will need to compile your feed. 

    What does compiling the feed do?

    Compiling a feed applies all of the Mappings, Filters, Categories, and Rules to a feed. Also, our system runs a data validation of your feed data against channel requirements. After a feed is successfully compiled a feed file that can be downloaded and reviewed, as well as a Validation Summary of errors, warnings, and optimization recommendations are produced in our App. 

    We recommend you compile your feed any time you make adjustments and review the resulting Validation Summary.

    How to compile your feed:

    Simply click the 'Compile' button located here in the left-side menu:

    Compile - Facebook.png

  • When the compilation is complete, a 'Validation Summary' card appears on top of the 'Catalog' page.

    FB Validation Summary.png

    How to review Validation messages:

    1. Click on any of the 4 cards to expand the messages for that category
    2. You will see the message, message type, the % and total number of the affected products
    3. Click on any message to review more details and review the channel requirements, and either create a rule or map a new field to resolve



    Best practice

    We recommend reviewing and resolving Error messages first, as products affected by errors will not be submitted to the channel.

  • In order to submit the feed and review the subsequent Processing Report, which includes feed errors returned from the channel, you need to have the Meta Business Extension connected.


    If you have already connected the MBE via the Dashboard outlined in the previous section, you should see the "Connection Successful" screen shown below. If you do not see this screen, walk through the steps below to connect.

    1. In your Facebook and Instagram feed click 'Meta Business Extension (MBE) Dashboard' on the left-side menu
    2. Click the "CONNECT" button 
    3. Follow the prompts provided in App to make the connection

    Once completed the page should look like the following:

    MBE connect dashboard.png

  • Follow the steps below to submit the completed feed to Meta:

    1. Click 'Settings' in the left-side menu of the feed 


    2. Scroll to the 'Feed Submission' card
    3. Toggle the Schedule button ON and set the time and days of the week you want to submit the feed to Meta

      toggle on meta.png

    4. Scroll to the bottom of the card and click the "Save" button

      2023-10-05 14_32_03-GoDataFeed App.png
  • Once the feed has been submitted, Meta will return a Processing Report that informs you whether the channel has accepted the feed, or if the feed has any rejected any items. Users can leverage the information in the Processing Report to determine how optimize their feed, and how to resolve listed errors that are preventing some products from listing in the destination.

    When it comes to these destinations the types of errors returned may be unique to a product type or an account level issue. Please note you may need to configure additional settings or permission in your Meta account.

    How to review the Processing Report:

    1. Click 'Processing Report' from the left-side menu
    2. Just like the 'Validation Summary', you will have a 'Summary' section in the Processing Report, and you can click on any card to expand the messages for that category

      FB processing.png

    3. You can also click the "Download Reports" button to download the full report

boxes-stacked-solid.svg Set up Order Sync

Once your feed is set up and submitting, you can set up Order Sync so that orders placed in Meta Shops are synced back to your shopping cart platform. Follow the steps below in order to set up Order Sync:

  • Grant permissions in your Wix Store:

    1. Log into your Wix account.
    2. Navigate to your Wix website editor.
    3. Click on the "Settings" button on the left-hand side of the editor.
    4. In the Settings menu, click on the "E-Commerce Settings".
    5. Set "Update store inventory" to "When an order is placed" to keep track of your inventory.
    6. When installing the GoDataFeed App you must grant the following permissions:

      • Wix Stores: Read Products
      • Wix Stores: Manage Orders
      • Wix Stores: Manage Contacts
    1. In yourGoDataFeed account click the "Setup Orders" button in step 5 of the Account Set up card on your Dashboard. 

      2023-11-20 10_47_52-Window.png

    2. Confirm the Meta API's connection status is successful, it should look like this:

      2023-11-20 10_49_57-Window.png

    3. IMPORTANT: scroll down on this page to set up at least 1 Shipping method. This is required to successfully set up Order Sync.

      2023-11-20 10_52_30-Window.png

    4. When completed, click the back arrow at the top of the page, or click 'Marketplace sources' page in the left-side menu and make sure the Status toggle is ON for the Meta order source. An activated order source looks like this:

      toggle meta on.png
    1. In the Orders page > select "Store Destination" on the left side.

      store destination highlight.png
    2. Choose "Wix" from the Destination drop-down.
    3. Locate your Website ID. You can find your website ID in the browser address bar once you are logged into your Wix Dashboard on your Wix website. See an example below of where this value is located:

    4. Enter your Website ID here in GoDataFeed and click "Save".

      website id.png
          • Toggle Order Sync ON in the left side menu, like this:
    toggle order sync on.png
Need further support in configuring your Facebook and Instagram Shops feed or order sync?

Open a support ticket

See additional help articles for further information:

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