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Using the stores dashboard to manage multiple stores

Sarah Bacchus
Sarah Bacchus
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Manage multiple stores within one account. This is great for when you have more than one storefront or if you manage many client stores.

Whether you have more than one storefront or manage multiple clients, you should create a new store for each unique product catalog.


Stores Dashboard

When you have more than one store in your account, whether you have multiple storefronts or you manage multiple clients, you will see a special dashboard. 




The Stores Dashboard page allows you to get an overview of the details and status of all your stores in one view. You can add a store, delete a store, and/or deactivate a store. You can also view and search for all of your stores. Filter stores by the following:

  • Import issues
  • Feed issues
  • Users access
  • Product Sources
  • Feed templates
  • Feed Submission types
  • Feed templates types

Each filter shows a total number of stores. When you filter your results, the totals are recalculated. Combine filters to target your results.



Use the store name drop-down to modify the store. 

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