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GoDataFeed empowers retailers, brands and agencies to automate and optimize product listing feeds. Product data is imported into our system from a primary source and any supplemental files.

Unlike a PIM or similar systems, GoDataFeed does not provide the ability to create new products or manually edit product details from within our app. These capabilities are best provided by PIMs or eCommerce platforms like Shopify, BigCommerce, Magento, WooCommerce and many others.


Import process steps

Whether you manually trigger an import or it is triggered by the scheduled hour, the import process will go through steps to download, parse, load and import your data from your sources to our internal database.


  1. Process starts by manually triggering import in the app or on a set hourly schedule
  2. Primary source data is downloaded
  3. (Optionally) Merge files are downloaded
  4. Data is parsed into a table according to the field mappings
  5. (Optionally) Filter rules are applied to exclude and remove specific rows
  6. Allotment is applied and rows above the maximum allowed count are removed
  7. Finally, we import the data into our internal database, your product catalog


Configuring your product import

primary_source.png  Primary product data source

To create listings or update inventory and price on your channels, you will need to import products from a primary source. A primary source can either be a shopping cart platform or product file.


merge_files.png  Merge files allow you to supplement primary product data

Merge files – or supplemental data files – are secondary data sources that allow you to add additional products or product data attributes to your catalog without adding or modifying data in your store platform.


Review your import settings

Once you are able to import your product data, we highly recommend you to review the following settings. 


ui_downlaod.png  Download your imported catalog

Download and review the imported product catalog in a program like Microsoft Excel to verify we have all the desired product data. 


email_alerts.png  Confirm email alert settings

Choose to get email alerts about your product catalog import status, including if the import process fails, completes or you have reached your maximum allotment.


allotment.png  Verify sku allotment

Adjust your product allotment to ensure you are importing all possible skus. The default is 1,000 skus or your plan allowed max.


parse.png  Review import field mapping

Check that we have all of your data, and tell the system which fields to import from your store, map your product data to the system fields. The system fields are internal database columns that are used to map feeds.


schedule.png Verify the import schedule and add times

Add additional times to your import schedule. Our default is 12:00 am EST once daily.


import_filters.png Use filters to exclude products from the import

This feature is available on Ultimate plan only.  Create filter rules to exclude certain products from being imported into your GoDataFeed Product catalog. This is useful when you have thousands or hundreds of thousands of SKUs you do not wish to import and feed to channels, but you have no way to exclude them from your source data. Simply filter them from being imported into our system using import filters.



Now that you have imported your catalog, you will next need to add a channel feed template

NEXT - Adding feed templates

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