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Import: Cart Online Stores (f.k.a AmeriCommerce) - Importing products from AmeriCommerce

Sarah Bacchus
Sarah Bacchus
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Our integration provides seamless product imports allowing you to manage your product data on AmeriCommerce while we automatically retrieve the latest changes on a daily basis.

1: Create API User Group

The first step is to create a user group that has API permissions.

  • In Americommerce, navigate to Settings > Security > User Roles/Groups
  • Click New (optionally, you can edit an existing user group and give it API permissions)
  • Name the user group which can be almost anything, but "GoDataFeed" would be a good choice
  • In the User Group Permissions table, check all four boxes for API
  • Click Save


2: Create API User

Next, we'll need to create a user and make it a member of the API user group we just created.

  • In Americommerce, navigate to Settings > Security > Users
  • Click New (optionally edit an existing user account)
  • Give the user account a username, email address (, and password
  • In the 'Member Of' table, place a check next to the user group you created in step 1


3: Apply credentials to source settings

  • In your GoDataFeed account and go to the Products tab from the left navigation
  • Select Primary Source
  • In the Import Source drop-down, select AmeriCommerce
  • Enter your secure website URL in Base URL
    For example,

    Don't forget the trailing forward slash

    If you do not own your own SSL certificate and are using Americommerce's certificate, then use
  • Enter your Americommerce API username and password
  • Save -- now you may import your products


Troubleshooting AmeriCommerce imports

  • Microstore data not importing into GoDataFeed
  • Variants or custom fields are not importing into GoDataFeed

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