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Import: Miva - Importing products from Miva

Sarah Bacchus
Sarah Bacchus
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Our integration provides seamless product imports allowing you to manage your product data on Miva  while we automatically retrieve the latest changes on a daily basis.

Miva version 9.0 and later

Miva now provides a method to generate a product export via URL. We did not build a module because we can import your Miva products using the Miva generated URL. 

  1. You will use Import Source Method: HTTP 
  2. Follow Miva's steps To Create a Template Based Feed to generate the URL from which we will import products

Miva version 5 & 4 

  1. Download the GoDataFeed Miva Module here
  2. Unzip the GoDataFeed5.mvc file to your computer
  3. In Miva, expand Global Settings on the left hand menu
  4. Click Add next to the Modules link
  5. Browse for the GoDataFeed5.mvc file on your computer and click Upload
  6. Click Add on the bottom
  7. Click Utilities on the left hand menu
  8. Check the checkbox next to the GoDataFeed module and click Update
  9. In GoDataFeed > Import > Primary Source > Import Source drop-down, select Miva
  10. Enter the following information:
    1. Base URL: The URL of your Miva store. This usually begins with http:// or https://
    2. Refresh URLThis is the 'Re-generate URL' found in your Miva control panel.
  11. Save -- now you may import your products


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