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Importing products from SFTP

Sarah Bacchus
Sarah Bacchus
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To create listings or update inventory and price on your channels, you will need to first import your product catalog into GoDataFeed.

Set up the Primary Source settings

GoDataFeed can extract your store's tab- or comma-delimited product source file in .txt or .csv via FTP or SFTP. We can also import XML files generated according to Google's XML or GoDataFeed's XML schema. To import via SFTP based on our Source File Specifications:

  1. In GoDataFeed, navigate to the 'Import' tab > 'Primary Source' > from the Import Source drop-down, select 'SFTP'
  2. Enter the file's SFTP Address, Username, Password, Port and File Name
  3. Check off Dynamic filename, if applicable. Enable if you have multiple files that contain the same filename, but need to import only the latest one -- use the wildcard symbol "%" at the beginning or end of the filename also.
  4. Click "Save" to import your products

Note: Do not change the file name and format. Also, do not rename or remove existing fields once feeds have been setup.



Identifying the .ppk version:

GoDataFeed currently only supports version 2 private keys. The version of private keys can be identified through the following:


The generated .ppk files from PuTTY look like one above and the version can be identified through the highlighted number. In this case, the private key is version 2. A version 3 file would have a 3 instead of a 2.



Generating a .ppk file with version 2

Using the PuTTY Key Generator software, the user can generate both version 2 and version 3.ppk files. However, to specifically generate a version 2 follow these steps:

  1. Open PuTTY Key Generator
  2. Click on the “Key” Tab and then “Parameters for saving key files...”


  3. Now select version 2 and press “OK


  4. Now the user can generate their .ppk file using version 2



Importing data into GoDataFeed using SFTP ( SSH Private Key) Authentication

GoDataFeed cannot generate SSH key's on our end. You may use your own SFTP location with an SSH Key if preferred. 

Once the user has their version 2 key generated, the next step is to go under Primary Source and copy and paste ALL the contents of their .ppk file directly into our SSH/Private key field.

Important: The file should retain its new lines and should look the same as in the file.


You may either choose from one of our platform integrations or provide a file via HTTP/FTP/SFTP. If you are importing via FTP, click here for instructions.

Contact our Support team for assistance with your import

Open a support ticket

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