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Import: Shift4Shop (fka 3dcart) - Importing products from Shift4Shop (f.k.a. 3dcart)

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Sarah B
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Our integration with Shift4Shop imports product data excluding hidden products. As you manage your products from your store on Shift4Shop we'll automatically retrieve the latest changes on a daily basis.

This article will guide you through the quick process of connecting your store with GoDataFeed. After your add our app into the REST API module in your store, we will receive a token behind the scenes from your store which we will save into your GoDataFeed source settings.

We use the store URL to know which GoDataFeed store to save the API token, so you must first save your store URL in the settings. Otherwise, we cannot know to which store in our system to assign the token.

Please note, this process requires that only one store in our system contains your store URL in the import source settings. So, if you are moving from one account in GoDataFeed to another, then these steps will not work unless the previous import settings do not contain your store URL. To do these steps for a second store in GoDataFeed, then first remove the store url and token from any other accounts/stores in our system.


Connecting your Shift4Shop store with GoDataFeed

Step 1 In GoDataFeed, open the primary source settings page for Shift4Shop

Step 2 In Shift4Shop, find your Secure URL and save it in GoDataFeed

  1.  In your store manager backend under Settings > General > Store Settings
  2.  The latest version of Shift4Shop requires you to click on "Manage Domain & Store URL"
  3.  Copy & paste the URL into GoDataFeed primary source settings "Secure URL"
  4.  Click Save but DO NOT import - we're not done yet




Step 3 In Shift4Shop, find your REST API module

  1. Go to Modules
  2. Search for "REST API"
  3. Click the Settings button on the Rest API module card 



Step 4 Add the GoDataFeed app by using our public key

  1. Click Add
  2. Enter GoDataFeed's public key 927a9819e145f8b925e30dc989a35c81

  3. Click Save

  4. Approve the permissions
  5. Now, you will see GoDataFeed added to your list of REST API apps
Note, behind the scenes Shift4Store at this point has sent GoDataFeed your token to save in your settings.



Step 5 In GoDataFeed, refresh the page to see your token has populated

  1. In GoDataFeed, refresh the import source settings page
  2. Click Save


🎉 All Done -- You can now import your products!

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