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Order Sync Destination: Shopify

Sarah Bacchus
Sarah Bacchus
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Easily manage orders from multiple marketplaces in one place. GoOrderSync allows you to update a marketplace order's status, shipping details, tracking information and cancellations. Marketplace order information may be either synced directly with your supported shopping cart platform (see below) or via the GoDataFeed API. 

How to setup Order Sync for your Shopify Store  

This article will help you setup your Shopify store to sync with your marketplace orders. 

Using your API credentials from your Product Import Source settings

If you already import products from Shopify for your feeds, then you can use those Primary Source settings to connect Order Sync to Shopify. 

  1. In your GoDataFeed account, go to Products > Primary Source
  2. Find and copy the following from Import > Primary Source to Orders > Settings > Store:
    1. If you use Shopify Marketplace
      1. Base URL
      2. OAuth Token
    2. OR if you use Shopify Private APP
      1. Base URL
      2. API Key
      3. API Password
  3. Enable any of the optional settings, if needed
  4. Save

Configure Order Sync for Shopify

Now that you have created the private app for GoDataFeed in Shopify, you can complete the setup for Order Sync. 

  1. In your GoDataFeed account, go to Orders > Settings > Store
  2. Enter Base URL like this https://{{myStore}} replacing {{myStore}} with your value
  3. Copy and paste the following from Shopify Private App details
    • API Key
    • API Password
  4. Enable any of the optional settings, if needed
  5. Save

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