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Order Sync Destination: BigCommerce V2/V3

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Easily manage orders from multiple marketplaces in one place. Order Sync allows you to update a marketplace order's status, shipping details, tracking information, and cancellations. Marketplace order information may be either synced directly with your supported shopping cart platform (see below) or via the GoDataFeed API. 

BigCommerce.svg Create a BigCommerce V2/V3 token to use in OrderSync Store settings

This article will help you setup your BigCommerce store to sync with your marketplace orders. 

We currently support V2/V3 API in BigCommerce OrderSync Destination


In your BigCommerce Store, go to Settings.


Scroll down to API section



Go to Store-level API accounts, and create a new API


Select token type as V2/V3 token and give it a name (i.e.: GoDataFeed Order Destination)


Based on this document

We will need these scopes below:

  • Products

  • Orders

  • Channels (Optional: for multi-storefront) - Still in development

    Next, click Save


    BigCommerce will show a pop-up ask you to save a credentials text file. Please save it somewhere safe and easy to remember. We will use this information later.

We are done with BigCommerce API

Now, go to GoDataFeed app

In your Godatafeed Account

Follow this link



  1. Change destination to BigCommerce

  2. Open the credentials file you saved in the previous step

  3. Copy and Paste to GoDataFeed order settings like below



Client ID

API Username

Access Token

API Token

API Path

Need to modify


API path

Change v3 to v2


Depending on your needs, you can modify these settings: 



Make sure your API Path is v2 not v3

When done, click Save Everything should match like this sample test store API below.



Switch OrderSync to ON, if its set OFF

Congratulations! Your BigCommerce store is now connected with GoDataFeed OrderSync Destination.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: BigCommerce error: "Quantities of one or more products are out of stock or did not meet quantity requirements"

A: MSG:Quantities of one or more products are out of stock or did not meet quantity requirements.

This error message is most likely related to BigCommerce order sync.

Please check there are no quantity rules set up within BigCommerce that might cause this issue, such as Maximum Purchase Quantity. 



Please contact our to our support team if you need more assistance or to review a specific scenario. Please provide 3-5 example sku's as well as screenshots or order numbers of the issue. 

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