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Salesforce FTP Import Source

GoDataFeed API Integration
GoDataFeed API Integration
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GoDataFeed has a few methods of importing products from Salesforce (SFCC, b2C, etc.) including Commerce Cloud API and SFTP.

Salesforce Commerce Cloud API Import Source documentation

See documentation

To support FTPS or FTP, customers must contact Salesforce to allow support for these protocols and ports. For more information regarding the default networking capabilities of your Salesforce instance:

According to some of our Salesforce customers, the following setup was found to work on a new Production instance when configuring SFTP upload into GoDataFeed FTP server.  The setup might be similar for FTP or FTPS.

Salesforce uses our public host keys behind the scenes when connecting to GoDataFeed FTP servers. These should be configured already for all Salesforce instances. However, it is possible for a host key mismatch to cause intermittent upload failures. If you are experiencing this issue, please contact Salesforce support and have them verify connectivity to our FTP server. You can also try changing the address from to

Our FTP public keys for ftp and ftp1 can be found here:

Configure your service SFTP credentials



Configure your service profile


Configure your SFTP Upload Job
- make sure you specify any target folder here and update the location in the import parameter “FTP Address” in GoDataFeed to match




When the upload Job is successful you will see the following:





If needed, you can configure your WebDAV file access here:






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