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What are the minimum requirements for importing a product file?

Sarah Bacchus
Sarah Bacchus
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In order to import your product data to be used in channel feeds, you should provide a product file (.txt, .csv or .xml) that contains all of the following fields. Note: the field names do not have to be the same as listed below.

Minimum required fields:

    • Unique ID (SKU)
    • Product name
    • Product description
    • Price
    • Sale price
    • Product landing page URL (for digital advertising channels)
    • Main image URL (and any additional image urls)
    • Merchant category breadcrumb (from your store site structure or Google Shopping structure)
    • Product type
    • Manufacturer/brand (if not your own brand)
    • MPN (manufacturer part number)
    • Variations
      • Parentage (parent or child)
      • Parent SKU (unique for each group of children)
      • Variation theme
        • "size"
        • "color"
        • "size-color"
        • and so on...
      • Variation values
        • column for "Size" with size values for every product that varies by size
        • column for "Color" with color values for every product that varies by color
        • and so on...

The file can be tab-delimited TXT, comma-delimited CSV, or XML format. We can import a file via FTP, SFTP, or HTTP. We provide an FTP location at no cost.

Please see the specs document for details and samples.


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