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Import: Merge files - Troubleshooting: I’ve saved a new merge file and I’m not seeing the new fields in the latest import.

Sarah Bacchus
Sarah Bacchus
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I’ve saved a new merge file and I’m not seeing the new fields in the latest import. Can you help?


When it comes to updating a merge file we suggest reviewing the Merging supplemental files with your primary import source help article which provides you with best practices as well as templates of how you may want to implement a merge file. 

Our system merges data using the source field name that is mapped to the System field “SKU” which can be found in Godatafeed by navigating to Products > Mapping. The first step to follow will be to confirm that the products and merge files added have been imported correctly, and are using the source field name for the first column in the merge file. Once your merge file is saved accurately then you will want to be sure you trigger a new import as shown in the below window within the Products section. 



Once the import has been completed without failure, we can now download the import file and check if the new data from the merge file is now coming in with the most recent completed import. 

  • If you've added an existing field and new data is being added or overwritten, it is necessary to verify the content of the fields directly. 
  • If it is a new field, it will be added to the next empty custom field detected in the import mapping. 

We suggest creating a unique naming convention to better assist you with knowing where a merge field is coming from. For example, If I implement a Google Sheet containing a list of Titles and Descriptions I'd like to test for the next 30 days. I would name the header of the files "Title_Merge" and "Description_Merge". Or say I have one file containing values I'd like to optimize for Google and Facebook. I may want to name the fields "Title_Pinterest" and "Title_Google" so when mapping and testing on the feed level I can review them as needed. 


In case it is not added it will be necessary to consult the mapping and check that the field added by means of the merge file is assigned to one of these fields, in case it exceeds the limit it must be replaced manually by one of the existing ones. See our Source Field List article for further details on how we bring in the first 100 custom fields. 



If you are still experiencing an issue or should you see your import fail, you can always disable the merge file by clicking the green button to the left of the merge file and contact support via a support ticket outlining the issue and we can review and advise further on the ticket. 



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