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Cloning a feed

GoDataFeed Technical Team
GoDataFeed Technical Team
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How to clone a feed

  1. Go to the 'Feeds' tab from the top navigation menu and then click the "Feeds" button to go to your list of feeds
  2. Find the feed you want to clone and click on the ellipsis "..." menu to select 'Clone'|


  3. The popup will provide you with options on what to clone

  4. You can rename the feed
  5. You can select the categories from an existing template. Note that the categories on the existing feed is selected by default
  6. Options on mapping to your product data: Filter rules, Category rules, Custom rules
  7. Options on feed template: Validation rules
  8. Choose your destination, the store you are logged into is selected by default
  9. Click 'Clone Feed'
  10. The new feed will be added to your feed list as deactivated, and you can activate the feed at any time

Cloning Feed Categories

When you clone a feed, the system automatically generates a custom feed for you. That custom feed format will be taken from the feed that was cloned.

You can associate categories from any feed in the system. This is useful when you want to build a custom feed using the taxonomy from a standard feed.

NOTE: When you clone a standard feed taxonomy structure, the structure is bound to that feed so that any future updates to the standard feed's taxonomy will also apply to the cloned feed.

Cloning Feed Rules

You can select to copy Validation Rules, Filter Rules, Category Rules, and Custom Rules over to the cloned feed.

NOTE: Cloned rules are not affected by changes to the original rule once copied over.



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