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How to use the Feed Editor

Rebecca Koss
Rebecca Koss
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The Feed Editor provides the ability to enter manual text edits and optimizations into any feed field -- in any feed -- eliminating the need to revise primary source data, or create feed logic for data revisions.

This feature is found on the Catalog page of any feed template. This article reviews how to use the Feed Editor to make quick, bulk feed catalog edits within our App, as well as the capability to edit and import feed catalog edits from an outside platform. 


Manual data edits to a product will override any existing feed logic, and the manual values will be the final values submitted in the feed.

Toggle through the elements below to learn how to use the different functions of Feed Editor, and how to remove manual overrides:

    • To edit a field, simply place your cursor in the intended field and enter text or values -- note: you can make as many edits as you need on one Editor page
    • When you’ve entered all of your manual edits for a page, click the blue "Apply" button

      2023-11-07 10_32_36-GoDataFeed App.png

    • Review the changes on the next page, and either navigate back to the Editor to make additional adjustments, or click the "Save" button to create the manual overrides

      2023-11-02 16_25_17-GoDataFeed App.png


    Manual edits will override any existing feed logic, and the manual values will be the final values submitted in the feed.

  • If you need to make bulk-edits to your feed outside of our App, the Export/Import buttons are available at the top of the Feed Editor table.

    You can only export/import the products that appear on one page of the Editor -- up to 100 products at a time.

    1. Click the "Export" button and select to either download the feed catalog file, or copy the catalog. You can use either Export option to open you feed catalog in another program like Excel to make your bulk data edits.
    2. When you are ready to bring in your updated feed catalog back into our App, click the "Import" button and select to either "Paste Catalog" if you have your updated feed data copied, or "Upload" if you have saved your updated feed catalog.
    • To view all of your manual overrides simply click the "Manual Overrides" link

      2023-11-02 16_26_58-GoDataFeed App.png

    • To remove any overrides, simply click the checkbox next to the value you would like to remove and click the "Delete" button

      2023-11-02 16_24_15-GoDataFeed App.png

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