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Validation messages on custom feeds

Yesenia DeSalle
Yesenia DeSalle
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Validation messages for custom feeds can now be added manually using this new tool we have added to our feed template.

We have enhanced our validation messages to have more information across all feeds in our system.
We added additional field descriptions, character limits, and validation conditions to each message.
Suggested actions that can be taken to resolve the message are displayed across all feeds now as well.

Example of the validation summary:


When you click on a validation message you will see the details in the below example: 


If you would like to edit the validation rules you can navigate in Godatafeed to 'Feeds' > Select the feed > navigate to 'Template' > scroll down to the 'Validation rules' section. Please note you can only add validation rules to feed templates that are custom feeds or clones of an existing template. 


Please feel free to contact support should you run into any issues or have any additional questions. 


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