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How does data like HTML get scrubbed upon import?

Sarah Bacchus
Sarah Bacchus
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Most channels, with few exceptions like eBay and Amazon A+ content pages, only allow plain text product content, such as descriptions, titles, bullet points, and so on. Encoding and special characters are allowed like trademarks or foreign characters, but HTML or markup which applies formatting and styling (commonly used on your own store website) is prohibited.

By default, the GoDataFeed product import system "scrubs" your data in an attempt to clean up your product data upon import so that HTML and other characters are removed leaving your fields as plain text. 

When you disable the Data Scrub feature for a given field, then our system will import product data as-is for that field. For example, if your product descriptions contain HTML, then we will import that into the description and it can be used in a feed for a channel, like eBay.


All standard import fields are always scrubbed. This is why you cannot click the checkbox option to disable scrub for standard fields.


All custom import fields allow you to disable scrubbing by using the checkbox in Import > Mapping. 


Importing data without scrubbing in an XML file

In order to import unscrubbed data in XML files, we additionally require <noscrub> tags because XML encoding and other things may interfere with our scrubbing logic.

To import data un-scrubbed in XML elements (like HTML), wrap your data in <noscrub></noscrub> tags. Additionally, you may want to also do the following:

  • On the Products > Mapping page, uncheck the Data Srub checkbox
  • Wrap XML data in ![CDATA[
  • Wrap XML data in <noscrub></noscrub>


XML looks like this:

<![CDATA[<noscrub><ul><li>Includes cable and mount.</li><li>For Models X, Y, Z and A only.</li><li>Please included serial number when placing your order.</li></ul></noscrub>]]>

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