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Import: Shopify Markets - Shopify Graph QL Translation and Contextual Pricing

GoDataFeed API Integration
GoDataFeed API Integration
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GoDataFeed has made enhancements to now support Shopify-based Contextual pricing for multiple countries and languages based on your enabled settings. If you are a Shopify user who has Shopify Markets enabled see below for how this may work for your store. 


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What do we offer in this feature?

  • New UI in our Import Setting to enter the locales of languages or countries of prices they want to bring in
  • Enhancement support for: COLLECTION, PRODUCT, PRODUCT VARIANT
  • Import Source: Shopify Marketplace (with GraphQL checkbox)


  • You would need to enter ISO locale code for Translation by following this link: Language Code ( and ISO country code for Contextual Pricing by following this link: Country Code (
  • Import will take longer to download since we are requesting more data through APIs


Field Names

There are some updates to the field names because the code is now dynamic on Translation 


Contextual Pricing Field Names


Translation (Requirements)

You must add the new language supported by Shopify or on Shopify App Store.

See here the following help article for more information on these steps from Shopify  Add new languages to your online store


How to bring in Translation Data to your import

1) Go to import setting and follow this link to obtain the locale iso code: LanguageCode (


2) Enter the locale/s in the text box as shown in example below. Note: it is case sensitive and each locale code should be separated by a comma (,)


3) Then click Save and Import Now


FAQs on Translation

Reasons why your new language does not show up in your import:

  • Unpublished languages 
  • Assign language for markets
    • If you have different markets, you would need to review the assigned languages for the specific market. See here the following help article for more information on these steps from Shopify - Change the default language of your online store
  • Shopify Support or Shopify App Developer
    • After reviewing all these settings, if you are still having trouble bringing in data for translation, you would need to contact Shopify Support Center or email the developer for the Translation app that you are currently using. Note: The Translation data only shows the import file when we get data from API calls


How to bring in Contextual Pricing to your import

Below are the steps to bring in different prices

1) Go to Import Settings; Follow this link to get the country iso code: CountryCode ( 


2) Enter the country codes in the text box


3) Then click Save and Import Now


FAQs on Contextual Pricing

  • What is my default currency?
    • Default currency depends on your default setting in your Shopify store. You can find this information on your Shopify store by going to Settings -> Store Details.
  • Why are all the prices in the file the same?


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