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Import: Merge files - Manually Uploading your merge files to our system

GoDataFeed API Integration
GoDataFeed API Integration
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To create listings or update inventory and price on your channels, you will need to first import your product catalog into GoDataFeed. Our software now offers the option to manually upload your merge files.

Our system accepts the following file formats: GoDataFeedXML, Google XML, Comma-delimited (.csv), Tab-delimited (.txt), Zip (accepted format compressed in .zip folder), Gzip (accepted format compressed in .gzip folder), Semicolon-Delimited (.csv), Generic XML, or JSON (.json). We have additional details regarding Data Feed Source File Specification


When adding a new merge file, you will now have the option for “Manual Upload”:




To select a file, press the following button and choose which file you want to upload:




Once the file is chosen, press the “Upload File” button to upload the file selected:


(Only for Merge Files)
Make sure to press “Save” or the file that you uploaded will not be saved.

Generic XML and JSON

This new import source type offers two additional file formats that were previously not supported which are JSON and Generic XML.

Our system previously only accepted two schemas of XML and those were Google and GoDataFeed XML, however, now we accept all types of XML schemas.


To use these two file formats there is an additional step:



The new row indexer is the name of the field which indicates a new row in your data. Our 4 default values are {id, sku, uniqueid, and productcode}.

If your data does not use any of these, please fill out the new row indexer, else you can leave it blank.



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