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Import: Merge files - Making A Google Sheet Public

Sarah Bacchus
Sarah Bacchus
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Make Google Sheet public

Once you have created your data file and are ready to merge, you will need to publish your Google Sheet to a CSV file in order for our system to bring in the updated changes at the next scheduled import time.  Please see the following steps below on how you can make a Google sheet public:



  1. In Google Sheets, go to File > Publish to the web
  2. Select “Entire document” and “Comma-separate values (.csv)”
  3. Under “Published content and settings” dropdown menu, check the “Automatically republish with changes are made” option
    • This means then you make changes to the sheet they are immediately ready to be imported by our system. Once you make a change to your merge file in Google Sheets, simply run a new product import in GoDataFeed. Otherwise, the changes will be imported at the next scheduled time.
  4. Lastly, (starting 11/18/20, you will also need to make the Sheet public) click the "Share" button
  5. Under the "Get Link" section choose "Anyone with the link" - note, the view, edit permission don't matter in this case because we are simply getting an export .csv of the data not using the web browser.
    • This will allow our system to download the data.
  6. You are all done - to confirm the share settings are correct, you should now see "Anyone with the link" or in the top-right corner you should see the Share button with a link icon.



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