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How to change account owner

Sarah Bacchus
Sarah Bacchus
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Only the current account owner may switch ownership from themselves to another user in the account. Before you begin, be sure to add the user who will be the new owner to the account.


Switch account ownership

  1. The current account owner may sign in to GoDataFeed at
  2. Go to Account > Users
  3. Click on the user who will become the new owner
  4. On the user profile page, enable "Make Account Owner", and click Savemceclip0.png
  5. In the pop-up window, confirm by clicking "Save and Change Owners" 
  6. You will be logged out and upon logging back in you will no longer have owner permissions to view Users or Billing.
  7. An email is sent immediately to both users informing each about the change in account ownership.


If the new owner has never logged into our app before, then they can either find the "Set password" email that was sent to them when they were added to our app, or they can simply use the Forgot Password option from the login page.


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