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Managing user permissions

Sarah Bacchus
Sarah Bacchus
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Permission roles allow you to give a Custom User the ability to View, Edit, Add and Delete a variety of system actions (see below). Users will have a unique set of permissions granted to them by the Account Owner.

Once a permission is granted for a user, those permissions apply to all stores which the user has access. This is especially important for Primary Users who manage stores with different owners and want to assign access to multiple users with varying skill sets and roles.

The following Permissions are available for assignment to a basic user:


Only account owners can access the Account page in the app.

  • Imports - Edit a store’s Import settings to control the data coming in to a given store
    • NOTE: Increasing the SKU Allotment requires 'Subscription-related changes' permission (see below).
  • Feeds - View, Edit, or Delete a store’s available feeds to control and monitor the data being sent to shopping channels via your GoDataFeed feeds
    • NOTE: Activating feeds requires 'Subscription-related changes' permission (see below).
  • Compile & Submit Feeds - View to compile and submit a store’s feeds from the Feeds list and the Feed Details page
  • Global Rules – View, Edit, Add, or Delete a store’s Global Rules from the Global Rules page
  • Order – View or Edit a store’s Order Sync settings from the Orders page
  • Activity Logs - View the history of actions that were taken by a User within a given store
  • Stores - View, Edit, or Delete a store
  • Subscription-related changes - Edit to perform billing related actions on any of the areas above, such as activating a feed template.

To add a permission for a basic user: 

  1. Select Users from the user drop-down menu
  2. Select the User from the user's list
  3. On the User edit screen, navigate to the Permissions tab

Toggle On/Off the desired permission type by clicking the associated View, Edit, Add, or Delete toggle switch

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