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Import: Magento 2.x - Fastly rejecting or throttling GoDataFeed API calls

Sarah Bacchus
Sarah Bacchus
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We found that stores using Adobe Cloud have Fastly as part of their stack which is used to limit traffic. Fastly might be the cause of a failed or slow import in GoDataFeed. Sometimes there are rules that can be rejecting our API calls to download the product data.

If this is happening for you, then please follow the troubleshooting instructions below to (1) allow our IP addresses, and (2) bypass Fastly cache.


Allow our IP addresses

Please allow our IP addresses that are listed here: GoDataFeed server IP addresses

Then, use this Magento article "Custom VCL for allowing requests":


Bypass Fastly cache

Magento also says you can create a custom VCL snippet to bypass the Fastly cache so you can troubleshoot request traffic to the origin server. For example, to determine whether site issues are caused by caching or to troubleshoot headers.

Follow Magento's steps here to bypass the Fastly cache:


When you are finished

Once you have completed these steps, please try to import your catalog into GoDataFeed again.

If you still have issues and think Fastly configuration is preventing GoDataFeed from importing product data via your API then we recommend reaching out to Magento technical support.

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