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Import: Lightspeed eCom - How do I import the HTML markup from my product "Content" attribute?

Sarah Bacchus
Sarah Bacchus
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How do you import the HTML from the Content attribute? I want to use the HTML markup in my feeds like eBay descriptions.



Product details in Lightspeed eCom showing the Content attribute editor.



Product details in Lightspeed eCom showing the Content attribute editor.



The following is an excerpt from How does data like HTML get scrubbed upon import? – GoDataFeed Help Center


By default, the GoDataFeed product import system "scrubs" your data in attempts to clean up your product data upon import so that HTML and other characters are removed leaving your fields as plain text. 

When you disable the Data Scrub feature for a given field, then our system will import product data as-is for that field. For example, if your product descriptions contain HTML, then we will import that in the description and it can be used in a feed for a channel, like eBay.


Disable data scrub for Lightspeed eCom fields, like "Content"

  1. Go to Products > Mapping
  2. Find the field for content
  3. Disable the data scrub checkbox
  4. Save
  5. Import the data again
  6. Review the output to verify the values contain HTML 


After disabling the data scrub feature for the content field, the system now shows HTML in the content field.


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