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Import: Shopify - How do we install GoDataFeed's Shopify app from a client's store into my Agency account in GDF?

Sarah Bacchus
Sarah Bacchus
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I have an agency account in which I manage multiple client stores in GoDataFeed. My client uses Shopify and I would like them to install the GoDataFeed Shopify app to import products, but only the store owner can install Shopify apps. What should I do?


Unfortunately, Shopify requires the store owner to install the app. Here are two options to have you clients install the Shopify app into your GoDataFeed agency account:

Option 1: Request collaborator access to client's Shopify store to complete the app install yourself

In the Shopify partners portal, you can request collaborator access to the client's Shopify store with permissions to install apps yourself.

If you do not have a Shopify partners account, then signup here: Shopify Partner Program | Become a Shopify Partner

To request access to the client's store, follow these steps. See also: Requesting access to a client's store · Shopify Help Center

  1. From your Partner Dashboard, click Stores
  2. Click Add store
  3. In the Store type section, select Managed store
  4. Enter the URL of the Shopify store that you want to access
  5. If the Shopify store requires a collaborator request code, then enter the code
  6. In the Permissions section, select the sections of the store that you want to access, or check Full access -- the account owner can change these permissions after your account is created
  7. If you want to include a message to the store owner in your request, then enter a message in the Add a message section
  8. Click Save

This option would allow you to install the app in which you would login to your GDF account during installation and select the GDF client store you created for the client in which the app should be installed. 

Learn more here: Managing stores · Shopify Help Center

Option 2: Add client as a user in your GoDataFeed account to allow client to complete the install themselves

If you add the client as a user with only access to the store you created for them, then when they go to install the app, they would login with their GDF user and the Shopify import will install on the store under your account. You can also control they're permissions to only view things in GDF.

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