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Import: Shopify - Shopify Private App (Custom App) Migration Guide

GoDataFeed Management
GoDataFeed Management
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Beginning November 30th, 2023, Shopify requires merchants to use our marketplace app instead of Private App / Custom App. This is only an authentication update, your imported data will not change.

How do I know if I need to update?

Shopify has notified us that Custom/Private Apps are no longer allowed to be used by merchants to connect to an application or service. If your import source in GoDataFeed is set to Shopify Private App, you will need to follow the steps below to migrate to Shopify Marketplace.

image (6).png

How to install the Shopify Marketplace App

          1. Follow this link to the App store to install our App:

            Install GoDataFeed App
          2. Click "Install"

            image (5).png

          3. Shopify wants to verify the connection one more time -- click "Install app"

            image (4).png

          4. Next login to the GoDataFeed store you need to connect

            image (3).png

          5. The import will begin with the new Access Token and the source should change from Private App  Marketplace
            image (1).png

          6. In your Shopify app settings, the GoDataFeed Shopping Feeds app will appear under the Installed tab

            image (2).png

          7. Uninstall your current private / custom app by navigating to Apps > App and sales channel settings Develop apps > Your Current App > Uninstall App


Congratulations! You've completed the migration from the Private App to the Marketplace Public App.

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