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Import: Zoey - Importing products from Zoey

Sarah Bacchus
Sarah Bacchus
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Our integration provides seamless product imports allowing you to manage your product data on Zoey while we automatically retrieve the latest changes on a daily basis.

Please note, this integration does not rely on a module to be installed, instead it uses the REST API in which we simply require authentication credentials.

1. Login to Zoey

  1. In Zoey admin
  2. Go to Settings > API

2. Create REST - OAUTH Consumer Credentials

  1. In Zoey admin
  2. Go to Settings > API > More Rest API Options
  3. Click on Manage next to REST - OAUTH Consumers
  4. Click on Add New in the top-right
  5. Type "GoDataFeed" for Name
  6. Copy and paste the Key and Secret into GoDataFeed primary source settings
  7. Save
  8. Click No Thanks - you do not want to import now

3. Create REST - Roles

  1. In Zoey admin, go to Settings > API > Manage next to REST - Roles
  2. Click on "Add Admin Role" in the top-right
  3. For Role Name type in "GoDataFeed"
  4. Go to Role API Resources from the left
  5. Under Resource Access select "All"
  6. Click on Save Role on the top right

4. Create REST - Attributes

  1. In Zoey admin, go to Settings > API > Manage next to REST - Attributes
  2. Next, under the User Type, click  Admin
  3. On the left click on ACL Attribute Rules
  4. Under Resource Access select "All"
  5. Click on Save on the top right

5. Create 3rd Party User Login

  1. In Zoey admin, go to Settings > API > 3rd Party Log In > Manage next to Users
  2. Click on Add New User
  3. Fill out the user information and be sure to set the account to Active
  4. Copy and paste the User Name and Password into the primary source settings in GoDataFeed
  5. Very Important: In REST Role section, select the role you've just created.
  6. Click on Save User

6. Complete GoDataFeed primary source settings (import products)

When you set up your GoDataFeed import primary source settings you will see the following fields:

  • Import Source: Zoey
  • Base URL: Your store URL, for example or - this is the Zoey container URL where "ts..." is replaced by your unique store container. See attached example. 2021-03-25_12_59_02-GoDataFeed_App_and_25_more_pages_-_Work_-_Microsoft__Edge.png
  • Store ID: Enter "1" (just the numeric value)
  • Consumer Key: Enter the Consumer Key you created under the step "Create REST - OAUTH Consumer Credentials"
  • Consumer Secret: Enter the Consumer Secret you created under the step "Create REST - OAUTH Consumer Credentials"
  • Stock Quantity: Leave this field empty to import all possible values.
  • SAVE - but do not start the import
Once completed click on Connect under the GoDataFeed Primary Source Settings


7. Login and authorize oAuth GoDataFeed Connection

  1. Upon clicking Connect in GoDataFeed a new screen should pop up similar to the following
  2. Type in the User Name and Password created in the step 5 "Create 3rd Party User Login" above
  3. Finally, click on Authorize
  4. After 30 seconds or so -- you will be redirected to GoDataFeed and it should be connected
  5. Run the import in GoDataFeed

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