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Feed filter rules to exclude many products based on product data

Sarah Bacchus
Sarah Bacchus
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Filter rules allow you to manage which products you include in each feed. 


Important information regarding filter rules: 

  • Create product filter rules to include only a subset of your store’s products

  • An unfiltered feed includes all products from your product catalog unless you manually exclude them on the product validation page

  • Filter rules are executed according to their sequence

  • When a rule is executed, products that do not meet the rule conditions are removed from the feed

  • The order of your filters is important because filters remove products when the rule is executed, meaning the next rule cannot include a product that was already excluded

  • You can manually exclude or include individual skus on the product validation page

  • You may also filter products globally at the product catalog import level using import filters

To apply filter rules:

  1. Go to the Feeds tab from the left navigation
  2. Select the desired feed template
  3. Select Filter rules under the SETUP section in the sidebar menu
  4. Click the plus button 
  5. Name the rule
  6. Select the [F] Feed field you want to filter by
  7. Select the desired criteria for the filter
  8. Enter the value for the filter logic

To add conditions:

  1. Click + Condition
  2. Select And or Or from the dropdown
  3. Follow Steps 1-2 above for each Condition

To add condition groups:

  1. Click + Group
  2. Select And or Or from the dropdown
  3. Repeat the above steps for each Condition Set
  4. Save

To confirm the rules are excluding the correct products:

  1. Compile the feed
    1. inside the feed, go to ACTIONS
    2. then select Compile feed preview
  2. When the compilation has completed, you can review the products in four ways.
    1.  Download the feed file from the ACTIONS menu
    2. Go to the Products link under the Feed name
    3. Jump to the Catalog tab
    4. You can review all products or select the Reason: All, Error, Filter, Manual

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