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Customizing your product data with rules

Sarah Bacchus
Sarah Bacchus
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Rules allow you to apply logic to your product data to update or modify field attributes, add third-party tracking, replace text in your data, calculate number values, and generally improve product listing quality.


Adding a feed rule

  1. In the desired Feed, go to Rules 
  2. Click the plus button
  3. Name your rule
  4. Under SET, select the feed field you want to change
  5. Under TO, enter the desired value for your selected field by either typing it or choosing from either your imported Product [P] data or Feed [F] data from the drop-down menu
  6. Choose whether to apply the rule to all or some products all-products.gif
  7. If you want to apply a rule to only some products, then write the conditions for the rule
  8. Save


Feed rule functions


Duplicating a rule

Make similar rules quickly by using the duplicate rule button. We'll ensure the rule name is unique by appending a timecode to the rule name. After the rule is duplicated, you can open the rule to make your changes, update the rule name, and save.



Duplicate Conditions

Make similar rule conditions faster by duplicating the condition and changing the one or two values that are different rather than writing the entire condition repeatedly each time. For example, we want to write the rule condition "where title contains 'red' or title contains 'blue' or title contains 'green'". Now, we can duplicate the first condition row and only change the value from red to blue and green instead of writing the entire condition row.




Conditions default to “OR” and “Contains”

The rule conditions default to the most commonly used options; you'll save more time as you write rule conditions.


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