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Import: Netsuite - Add size/color variations

Sarah Bacchus
Sarah Bacchus
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If you are having issues importing your Kit/Package products' size/color variations and need assistance flagging these in Netsuite to sell online, please follow the below instructions. 

You can either set the database column “IsOnline” to true for their desired product(s), or follow these instructions for configuring this directly in the Netsuite UI:

Single Item Update:

  1. Log into Netsuite
  2. Go to Lists Accounting Items and chose the product you wish to import size/color variations for,
  3. In the product details, scroll down to the "Web Store" box and ensure that “Display in Web Store” is checked.
  4. If you have a large number of Kit/Package products that do not have “Display in Web Store” checked, you can run a mass update to apply to all your kit/package inventory.

Mass Update:

Mass Updates can affect all of the store’s products, and should only be done at the discretion of your technical team
  1. Go to Lists > Mass Update > Mass Updates
  2. Expand "General Updates" and go to Kit/Package
  3. You can apply criteria filters to narrow your search or proceed to the "Mass Update Fields" tab to apply “Display in Web Site” to all Kit/Package inventory items.
  4. Save
  5. Log into GoDataFeed and trigger the import

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