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Import: X-Cart - Troubleshooting X-Cart: "Column ___ does not belong to table Product"

Jason S
Jason S
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If you receive an import failure notification with the below error message, follow the troubleshooting steps in this article. 

Error message: Column ___ does not belong to table Product

The data column name listed is not an accepted GoDataFeed field header, and should not be in the product data table.

  1. Confirm the version of X-Cart you are using and whether you made any modifications to the GoDataFeed module file
  2. Review the XML data for your store by copying the base URL into the web browser, and append it with "/godatafeed.php"
    • For example
  3. View the page source to confirm the XML is being generated successfully. 
    • A valid XML page will resemble the XCart XML Page Example
    • xcartxml3.png
  4. Remove or rename the field name causing this issue in GoDataFeed (Products > Mapping) 
  5. For further assistance, provide a link or screenshot of your product table showing the headers to the GoDataFeed support team

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